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Welcome to Wayne Smith's Web

My first attempt at a web page. 

What a learning curve this has been.  New job as a Java programmer.  Words like HTML, DHML, Applets, Servlets, Java Scripts.  Words foreign to my ears, prior to today, are becoming common place.  I almost think that I understand this stuff somewhat.


The Serenity Prayer

Of course, you may want to Click Here to see a different, alternate form of this Prayer.

Warning:  Here is a Clue
Look into all the nooks and crannies of this web pages.  I love puzzles.  Both to make and to solve.  As the urge hits, I will include some here and there among these pages. 

And of course:
Did I fail to mention about email.

Anyhow - Take a look around - Check out my eclectic style of doing things.  The weird and unusual things I am into.  Check out the Jokes Section.  Some are obscure, some are more obscure.  Those that know me, are aware of the changes in my life of late.  Particularly of my Weight Loss and all the fun that has been.   I have a bunch of friends, and associates, some with web pages some without.  They are all listed in the Links Page.

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