The following was found on a San Diego WLS email group.  

It is presented without editing.


Freedom from shame, guilt, ridicule, embarrassment, and worry.
Freedom to move without pain and struggle. 

Freedom from the control  of food. 

Freedom to dream without limitation.

 Peace of mind knowing our HEALTH is the best it can possibly be.
 Peace of mind that our families will NOT have to go on without us.
 Peace of mind that we've done all WE can to insure we are around to take care of those who count on us
being there for them.

 To have unlimited options from which to choose everything from our clothing to our cars, to how we use our bodies and live our lives.    Unlimited career options, relationship options, and all around LIFE OPTIONS!

 Fitting in any chair, any car, any booth, any seatbelt, any store,  any bathroom stall, any bathtub or shower, any amusement park ride,  any  intimate position, any clothing we like, and most of all.........    Just plain "fitting in" to society!

 Suddenly life becomes half full instead of half empty. We feel more positive about ourselves, our future, and our life. We react to the world in a more positive light because we are no longer prisoners of our bodies. As we release the demon of food that has controlled us for so long, we accept and forgive ourselves for our own weakness; releasing us to become more tolerant and forgiving of others. Therefore, causing us to feel lighter in body AND spirit.

 The dignity that comes with being able to: take care of ourselves,  reach for personal hygiene, easily get out of a chair, couch, or car,  walk a reasonable distance, not drip with sweat when everyone else isn't, tie our shoes, or pick up what we drop. To be able to climb stairs, or out a window, or pull/lower ourselves or someone we love to safety if a life depended on it.

 As we regain our confidence in everyday activities, our confidence grows in our ability to do and try things we've never done before.   With each accomplishment, we can see further and believe in ourselves a little more. Life becomes an adventure! Dr. Robert Schuller calls this "The Peak to Peek Principle" and authored a wonderful book by the same name.

 With increased self-confidence we often see increased self-esteem...   Our vision of our own self-worth. The more we feel able to contribute,  the more we come to believe in ourselves and the value of our place in the world. When we value ourselves, we experience self-respect,  increased self-worth or "worthiness", and a higher deserve level.    All  of which leads to healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

 The journey of WLS, all that leads us to it and all that follows,  is a test of our courage. When we are courageous, we challenge ourselves to our limits. We get to find out just what kind of "stuff" we're  really made of. We may find joy in the discovery that we are  stronger  than we ever imagined. And we find acceptance in the realization  that  we have weaknesses we never wanted to face. All of this is OK! All  of this opens us up to self-acceptance and honesty about who we really are.
 And when we know who we truly are within, we no longer need live in fear of being "found out" or fear of losing control to anything or anyone outside ourselves. We find the courage to live by our own convictions.   And...we can honestly say to ourselves and the world, "Who you see,  is who I am", and THAT is living in INTEGRITY!

AND FINALLY to end on a lighter note, my favorite "superficial" benefit of WLS is..............

 From hat to shoes and coat to undies, NOTHING will fit anymore.   So that means I get to design a whole new me on the outside to reflect the whole new me on the inside!   

 Enjoy your benefits everyone.....YOU'VE EARNED THEM!!!

 Copyright 1999. Debby Parkinson, Personal Success Coach

( Presented with permission of the Copyright Owner - Thank you,  Debby Parkinson )




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