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   I had been slender most of my life.  But when I reached the age of 35, something changed and I started to gain weight.  More and more each year...

   In 1988, I was a frustrated guy.  I weighed over 300 lb..  I had tried numerous diets and routines.  The results were always the same.  I would lose the weight,  then would regain the weight, and more,  when the diet routine was over.  I was not a happy man.  Some of the things that I liked to do I could no longer do.  Walking, Bicycling, Kayaking, were out of the question.  I even owned two old  cars.  I could not even sit in them without my belly hitting the steering wheels, or there was no room for my friends to sit beside me.

   I first researched this and other procedures about 1988.  I had talked to many surgeons about various procedures.  The best of all the procedures at that time was the Vertical Banded Gastroplasty.  But, At that time, I was not to sure that I wanted my body to be cut and pasted in the variety of methods available at that day.  When I look at my notes from that time, I made a note, that wouldn't it be easier if all you did was to place a rusty hose clamp, from a 1957 Chevy,  around the stomach.  Little was I to know.

   When I became aware of the LapBand product, there was little to consider.  This was a no brainer.  So October 7, 1999, I had the LapBand placed by Dr Rumbaut in Monterrey, Mexico.

   The results:  I have lost 130# in about 8-9 months, reaching goal weight of 185#  in July 2000.  Since that time, I have maintained that weight without dieting at all.  I eat anything that I want, whenever I want.  The weight has remained centered around 190#.  Some days up a little, some days down a bit.

   My life is totally changed...  I can walk almost forever.  I have paddled a marathon in a kayak.  There is now a gap of 8 inches between my belly and my steering wheel in my old cars.  I can dance all night long.  People don't look at me in total disgust.  I can cross my legs without having to grab a pants leg to lift the leg.  I can get off of a floor without having to get something to assist me.  I went from a size 64 waist to a size 36, 4X Shirts to a Medium.

   The LapBand is not for the brain dead.  It is not an end all, be all kind of surgery.  The LapBand does require you to be somewhat intelligent and responsible as the user of the device.  The band controls the amount of food that you eat, but you have to control what you eat.   So, when you belly up to the food court, you have a choice of what to eat.  But, It is generally easy to choose.  Pick healthy food.  Like Duh?  If you pick Ice Cream all the time, you will have an Ice Cream type body.  If you pick good healthy food, you will have good healthy body.   Good healthy bodies requires a bit of water to keep it running.  With the band, you will drink a bit of water.  About two quarts a day is normal.

   Some common questions that are asked by normees:

 Do I have to exercise?  No, but, do you want a lean, mean, fighting machine, or a small, flabby one.  I walk every day, 20 minutes or more.  If any trip is less than 4-6 blocks, I walk.  I love to walk.  Last month, was in San Francisco.  Walked all over the place.  When you walk, you can see more of the neighborhood rather than the taillights of the car ahead of you.

   Do I miss food?  Some days yes, some days no.  I am a cheap date.  I can go into a food place and order the smallest thing on the menu.  Rarely can I finish it.  With the LapBand, I eat until I feel full, then quit.  At that point, I feel   full, and sated.  Banded persons will tell you how weird it is to eat so little.  But, when you feel full, who cares if you just ate half a cup of food or half a gallon of food?

   Do people notice how much you eat?  Not at all.  They are so busy forking down their meal with snow shovels, that they don't even notice that you are consuming yours one bean at a time.  You can talk more at the dinner table with LapBand.

   Knowing what I know, would I do it again?  In a millisecond...

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   Wayne Smith

NOTICE:  All opinions expressed herein are the author's own.  None of this is to be construed as to being medical advice.

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