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Why I chose Dr Rumbaut in Monterrey, Mexico.


    The reasoning that went into this selection was long and complex.
    I first researched this and other procedures about 12 years ago.  I  had talked to the lead surgeons at UCSD Medical, Sharps Clinics, Mercy Hospital, Alvarado Hospital, all here in San Diego.  I also chatted with surgeons in Stanford University, Berkeley Medical and Mt Siani  in Los Angeles.  The best of all the procedures at that time was the Vertical Banded Gastroplasty.  But, At that time, I was not to sure that I wanted my body to be cut and pasted in the variety of methods available at that day.  When I look at my notes from that time, I made a note, that  wouldn't it be easier if all you did was to place a rusty hose clamp, from a 1957 Chevy, around the stomach.  Little was I to know.  
About August this year, bumming around the internet, I found reference to the LAP-BAND procedure being opened for USFDA trials in the USA.  And furthermore, that one of the hospitals doing this trial was at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego.  I contacted Alvarado Hospital in San Diego,  but had to attend an 'orientation' ( Sales Pitch ).  After the Orientation Dog and Pony show, was able to get the pricing for their procedure - They did not have all the pricing information, only for the lap RNY - $22,000 US$ ( Ouch! ) But, not out of reach. During the next week, I contacted many different places on the web.  Did lots of reading both and about the Swedish and the BioEnterics Versions of the Band. Found and joined the 'bandsters' forum.   Started doing serious research, reading technical papers about both bands. Finally settled on the BioEnterics as the band of choice. 


   Now the question as who to do the operation.  Alvarado was clearly my first choice. At $13,900 US$ was the most expensive of all the choices, but some bean counter there noticed that my age was 2 weeks too old for the operation.  So Alvarado was out.  Next came Doctors in Belgium, Italy, France, Mexico.  All had their strengths and relative weaknesses as determined by me.  Basically, came down to Education, Reputation, Distance, Cost ( In that order ) 

    I chose Dr Rumbaut in Monterrey Mexico as Doctor of choice.

Primary Reasons: ( Not in any order )
    1) Closest to me of all the non-USA Doctors.

    2) San Jose Hospital is a teaching hospital and is described as one of the best hospitals in Mexico.

    3) Dr Rumbaut has an impressing list of professional credentials.  In my ranking, I would rank him 3-4th in the world for this procedure.  He is a professor of medicine in the University at Monterrey.  Is the Latin American Professor that teaches Laparoscopic and BioEnterics procedures to all Latin America.  I will pay for knowledge.

    4) Dr Rumbaut has had the procedure.  During one of the post op examinations, I asked to see this abdomen.  He opened his shirt, showed me.  Chatted about problems that he has had with the band.  Including that the procedure for implanting the fill port has been modified.  My Port Site is just below the breast bone in the inverted V formed by the ribs, in the center of the chest 

5) His price is not that much over any other Doctor - I Just got the final
bill from VISA - $7502.68 for Doctor + Hospital COMPLETE!

6) Minor issues: He supplied the taxi from the airport to the hotel ( $14
US$ ) plus the hotel gave us a ( $46 US$ per day discount ) for being one of his patients.

7) Someone talked about trust - I the money to a his bank in Texas ahead of time.  I wired $5900 US$ to the bank in Texas about two weeks before the operation.  During a post op examination, he casually mentioned / asked " Oh, I presume that you have sent the money to the bank in Texas " .  Talk about trust. 

8) He speaks EXCELLENT English.  Is quite a gentleman and a gentelman. All of his staff will try hard to communicate in English.

9) He visited me every morning, and called every Night, that I was in Monterrey.


10) I did not know about Dr Kuri at the time of my decision making.


    I was banded by Doctor Rumbaut - Monterrey, Mexico - October 7, 1999.
    Pre Op - 315# ( 143kg ) BMI=44

     Dr Rumbaut's Web Page  is http://www.lapband.com

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