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Dear Wayne,  I'm continuing to do some research.  Why is the
BioEnterics band better than the Swedish adjustable band.

First of all = This is my opinion...

I choose the BioEnterics band for a number of reasons.
Many different reasons:

The main reasons was:

The Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band ( SAGB ) was designed for open - not Lap surgery.

The closure on the SAGB is sutures. The closure on the BioEnterics Lap-Band is notched and is built for Lap insertion.

The SAGB has a problem with "triangulation".  Imagine a long balloon placed around your finger.  Blow it up, it will fold into a triangle shape.  This "triangulation" will cause local pinching of the stomach region immediately under the fold.  This causes stomach tissue to die from lack of blood flow.

The SAGB is NOT softer than the BioEnterics band.  In fact, the edges are sharp and can ( do ) cut into the stomach along the sides of the SAGB.

The SAGB is NOT a low pressure device.  According to my physics, the amount of pressure to cause the stoma to close down to a specific size is the same regardless of device.

The SAGB is subject to leakage.  In one test, the SAGB was filled with saline, exposed to air.  In 24 hours the water had migrated through the band leaving salt inside the band.

The SAGB is an older device patented about 1985.  The BioEnterics device is about 7 years newer.  The inherent weaknesses of the design of the SAGB was removed in the BioEnterics band.  I have the design specs for the SAGB, and the defects of the SAGB have not been fixed in 15 years...

Finally a support issue.  The BioEnterics device has been installed in 40,000 persons, the SAGB in about a few thousand.  The BioEnterics band is undergoing FDA approval, the SAGB, not.  In the future, if I need service with my band, I would want to get help and parts with the company with the most exposure.  It does not appear that the SAGB manufacturers will have that exposure.  If the BioEnterics device becomes FDA approved, there will be zero support nor Doctors to support the SAGB.

Dr. Favretti in Italy only said that he wouldn't even consider the Swedish band.

Isn't he a great guy?  I had the privilege to chat with him face to face just prior to me making the decision to have the operation with Dr Rumbaut in Monterrey.  Dr Rumbaut is the best in the Western Hemisphere.  Has more experience than all the US Doctors combined...  I rank Dr Rumbaut 3-4 in the whole world.

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By the way what do you do?  Your website is so impressive.  My husband is in Info. Systems, he grads. from LSU in May.  He was also very impressed.  Just curious.

This is my first web page.  It is a combination of ideas that I have had about web pages for some time.  Then about 2 months ago, I got the Domain Name, etc. and started it.  It still has a lot of flaws, but they are getting resolved a day at a time.  My aim is to make a Home Page that will blow your socks off.  But, that will probably be hidden for our eyes only.

My job presently is: A back end programmer for a company that makes fraud detect software.  The front end of this software is a series of intranet pages written as: JSP pages, using Java Servlets and Java Classes for the back end.  My software talks across different computers to exchange information from/to their data bases and present the information to the front end intranet pages for viewing.

It is an interesting and challenging position.  Consider this.  I was hired in as a Senior Development Programmer, and I didn't even know anything about JSP, Servlets, nor Java at the time of hire.  Didn't have a clue the structure of a web page.  I was hired three months ago.  Now, after three months working on the company intranet page, and my own web page, I am twice a stupid as when I entered.

Now, I know twice as much as what I don't know.

Wayne Smith



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