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This is, as you can see, is a normal weight chart taken over a period of time.  There is nothing unique about it.  In the Horizontal Direction is Dates and in the Vertical is the weight. 

Interesting Question:  To any one with AGB surgery.  I have had three adjustments to my BioEnterics® Lap-Band.  Can you spot them?  They are very evident to me.

Second Observation:  Notice that at weeks 4-8 and weeks 13-14 ( The weeks immediately before my first and second fill. ) the weight was flat, a plateau, stationary.  Also, the weeks following March 30, when I had fluid removed from the band.

Third Observation:  The weight loss per week, after the second fill ( at week 14 ) has been much greater than the weight loss prior to week 14.  Although, there have been bumps in the daily weight curves, the weekly weight loss curves are remarkably flat.    ( Until the reduction, March 30 )

Forth Observation:  I have discontinued the weight loss charting on the web page as I achieved goal at week 44.

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