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This is, as you can see, a chart made up of five lines.  The two at the top are using two different predictors to calculate the date that I will reach goal weight.  At this time, I have arbitrarily picked < down 110 lbs = 200 lbs > as the first major goal.  At this time they are converging to indicate a convergence at about 38 weeks.  As this is week 37 of the quest, this indicates there is about 2-3 weeks until the second major goal is reached.

The bottom two lines are two different indicators, that predict the number of weeks to goal.  At first glance, the two upper and the two lower curves look like inverses.  But, they use different software predictors.  They are also converging, and both are predicting a goal at about 2-3 weeks away.

The Diagonal line in the middle of the pairs is a line representing:  Y = X.  I gives me a scale to which to relate.

Interesting to notice:  The peak at 14 weeks.  This indicates that the weight loss did not significantly get going until week 14.  The weight loss prior to that was not significant.  If I had continued at the rate prior to week 14, I would be waiting a period about 21 weeks more.

I have discontinued the weight loss charting on the web page as I achieved goal at week 44.

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