Someone just asked me:

Someone just asked me. What scale do I use to get such accurate weights.

I use a "Health-O-Meter" Model HDL918 - About $24 - Accurate to +/- 0.5

Now it is kind of interesting that the "weighting" part of this scale is +/-
0.01 lbs. But the display is +/- 0.5. How to increase the accuracy ??

For those that want to increase the accuracy of this kind of scale. There
is a way.

What you do is take advantage of the, not too well known, fact that 100 pennies weight = 1 lb. One pennyweight = 0.01 lbs.

So I hop on the scale with a roll of pennies ( My weight + 1 lb more ).

Say, it reads 191 lbs. I really weight = 190 + the pennies = 191 lbs.

Get off the scale and drop one of the pennies, get back on.

Chances are the scale will indicate 191.0

Keep getting off, drop pennies, get back on. Repeat until the scales read

Your weight + the weight of the pennies is now exactly 190.75 - That is where the scale rolls over from 191.0 to 190.5.

Suppose you have 0.67 in your hand.

So your actual weight = 190.75 - 0.67 = 190.08 lbs

Accurate to +/= 0.001 lbs.

Wayne Smith

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